About Us

Our company was established in 2009 as a metal furniture company and started its activities with chair and table production in Siteler district in Ankara. Our company, which associates itself with technology every day, is expanding its range by expanding its production and sales.

Adding the School Desk and Bunk Bed types offered by our company in 2012 to its production and sales target and seeking more service innovation and quality with new targets, our company has expanded its sales network in Yutt and abroad to reach more different customers than ever before through its new production facilities has adopted the principle of being a pioneer in our sector with firm steps in line with its goals by expanding. Our production facilities have reached the highest efficiency and quality of the workforce with a closed area of ​​7500 m2, a total area of ​​9200 m2, advanced production equipment and production standards. Our company, which creates a world-class comfort line with our innovation, use, created its own brand and added a new one to the innovations. Our Advantage Brand has hosted the innovation of the age that can appeal to all tastes by adding its experience and quality from the past in the modern age and a comfortable design that undersigns the present innovation. We are happy to present “The Avantaj” to you.

Avantaj Metal, followed by an honest, productive, robust policy of containing faith and confidence, currently exporting to 14 points abroad, Turkey has become a firm providing services in more than 100 points across.

In order to respond effectively to customer expectations, by carefully selecting hundreds of raw materials and materials, adhering to the quality standards to the maximum extent, the products of Avantaj Metal we produce have made a reputation for their quality and durability.